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"Nothing is better than doing what you love everyday.
It’s not just a passion for a job;
Rather, it is a passion for life, and for the city we love.”

hong kong private tours

Nei Ho! (a.k.a.Hello in Cantonese) We are Mandy and Apple, sisters in our 20s coming from an ordinary local grass-roots family. Travelling had always been our dreams when we were kids, and we wanted so badly to getaway from Hong Kong.We are not twins, but we were always with one another as we grew up. We shared a room in a bunk bed for more than 20 years, we studied together, graduated together, and even became flight attendants together. To us that was a dream-come-true; we got to explore the world, experience different cultures and meet people from all walks of life. 

However, the more we travelled, the more we realized our favourite place in the world is still Hong Kong, our home. When we were still studying, we started showing our international schoolmates and Couchsurfers around Hong Kong. It all started simply out of the passion to show people the authentic Hong Kong, and to share with them how we actually think about the city. The fascinating thing about tour guiding is, we may have been to the Victoria Peak for so many times, but because of the different visitors, every time is a brand new and memorable experience to us. 

"Whether it’s wanderlust or work that leads you to Hong Kong, Mandy and Apple are always more than happy to welcome you as our friends from afar."

An amazing experience. Highly recommend. 


From the very beginning of contacting Mandy, she was very prompt and helpful. Our experience was amazing. They were very kind and attentive to our needs and genuinely wanted us to have a great experience. Apple was great with children and Mandy was very friendly and outgoing to my mom. I am fortunate that I connected with these two. They made our trip unforgettable. We will always remember this day especially my son.


Miami, The United States

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